Hydrater peau d'adolescente

Why is it important to use moisturizers as a teenager?

Skin care is an essential part of any beauty routine. Although the majority of people care more about their skin as they get older, it's important to think about your skin even as a teenager.

In particular, using a moisturizer is very important to maintain the health and beauty of your skin. In this article, we are going to discuss why it is important to use moisturizer as a teenager.

Maintain a natural balance during hormonal changes

First, during adolescence, hormonal changes affect your body and cause fluctuations in the levels of sebum produced by your skin.

These fluctuations mean that some days your skin will be oilier and produce more sebum, while other days it will be drier and less oily. Moisturizers help maintain a natural balance between sebum and moisture so your skin doesn't feel too dry or too oily.

Teenage skin - Hydration

Restore the optimal level of hydration

Second, teens often start using cosmetics that contain various harsh chemical ingredients that can irritate the skin and cause skin problems such as acne and psoriasis.

When you use moisturizer after applying these products to your face or other sensitive area of the body, it helps your skin cells stay healthy by restoring their optimal level of hydration and blocking pathogens that can damage or irritate the skin.

Prevent the process of premature aging

Finally, using moisturizer helps prevent the process of premature skin aging that typically begins in the early to mid-20s in people who don't take proper care of their skin during their teenage years.

The moisturizing properties contained in the creams will not only help keep your complexion fresh and soft for a long time; but they also protect the outer layer of the dermis (the visible layer) against the harmful effects of the sun and allow the inner skin cells (the dead cells) to renew themselves quickly so that your complexion is always young and luminous.

In conclusion, although it seems that taking care of your skin should only be done from a certain age; it is very important for any teenager who wants to maintain a beautiful external appearance for a long time; to start using a good moisturizer suited to the specific needs of the type of skin he has - as this will not only help the skin cells to stay healthy; but will also protect faces against the harmful effects of the sun and also slow down the natural process of premature aging of skin cells.