Prendre soin de sa peau grasse: Les Meilleurs Produits pour votre Peau Grasse

Taking care of your oily skin: The Best Products for your Oily Skin

Whether you have oily or combination skin, it's important to use specific products that are right for your skin type. A proper routine can help regulate sebum production and keep your skin soft and hydrated. In this article, we will tell you how to take care of your oily skin and which products to choose.

Care Range for Oily Skin

Products for oily skin should be lightweight and non-comedogenic. They should also contain ingredients that absorb excess sebum and regulate sebum production. Essential oils like tea tree, rosemary, or peppermint are great for oily skin as they have antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help minimize skin blemishes.

Recommended Products for Oily Skin

Here are some recommended products for people with oily skin:


Start by using a cleanser specifically designed for oily skin (non-comedogenic). Try using a soap-free product that does not contain oils or alcohol to help avoid irritation and excessive drying of the skin. You can use our Acticlear foam cleanser which regulates sebum production, is anti-inflammatory and clarifies the skin.

Acticlear Foam Cleanser - Oily skin cleanser


After cleansing your face, you can use a gentle but effective exfoliator that removes any excess dead cells that have accumulated on your face while preventing excessive irritation or dryness. You can also use an enzyme exfoliator for a gentler exfoliation without irritating the skin.

Discover our Acticlear Pads exfoliating pads - which combat oily, impure and inflamed skin. Clinical studies show their effectiveness on oily skin. To be used 2 to 7 times a week.

Exfoliating pads for oily skin


You should then apply a cool moisturizer to your face to hydrate your skin without making it feel too greasy. Use a lightweight moisturizer formulated especially for people with oily skin that is free of oils and silicones to prevent your face from glowing too soon after application. Our Hydractil lite cream day cream provides your oily skin with the nutrients it needs for good hydration.

Oily skin moisturizer