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Nasolabial fold: All about the nasolabial fold and solutions to reduce it

Nasolabial folds are wrinkles that appear between the nose and the corners of the lips. They usually extend from either side of the bridge of the nose to the edges of the lips. Nasolabial folds are more pronounced in older people, but they can also develop in young adults. In this article, we will consider in detail what a nasolabial wake is, at what age it appears and how to make it invisible or reduce its depth.

What is the furrow wrinkle?

The nasolabial wake is a deep wrinkle that begins at the lower part of the nose and extends to the corners of the mouth. It is caused by the sagging of the skin tissues in this area, which gives the skin its saggy and wrinkled appearance. These skin folds can be more or less deep depending on a person's age and lifestyle.

At what age does it appear?

Nasolabial folds usually begin to appear around age 30-35 in men and 35-40 in women, as the natural process of hyaluronic acid loss begins to occur earlier in women than in men. External factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or chronic stress can accelerate this process and make wrinkles on the face more pronounced.

What solutions can I use to reduce or remove my nasolabial fold?

There are different solutions to reduce or remove the nasolabial fold, including non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as injection of chemicals (hyaluronic acid), fractional radiofrequency and minimally invasive facial surgery (facelift). In some cases, your dermatologist may suggest a more invasive surgical treatment to achieve lasting results; however, this option should be discussed carefully with your doctor prior to any surgical procedure.

There are also some practical steps you can take to minimize the appearance of the nasolabial fold: for example, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help maintain overall good physical condition so your face looks younger and fresher for longer. .

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How to prevent furrow wrinkle?

You can take additional steps to minimize the early appearance of signs of aging around your mouth:

• Apply sun protection every day

When you go out exposing your skin to ultraviolet (UV) rays, always make sure you apply sunscreen with SPF30 or higher! This will protect your skin from any kind of UVA/UVB damage so you can keep your complexion fresh and youthful for longer!

• Stay hydrated

Always keep adequately hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day! Additional liquids such as freshly squeezed natural juices are also very welcome!

• Pay attention to what you eat

Avoid foods high in saturated fats where possible so your cells stay properly nourished! Always try to favor natural fresh ingredients like organic fruits & vegetables to get some essential nutrients that our body needs daily!

Reduce the nasolabial fold with a facial massage

How does facial massage work?

Facial massage is a gentle method for toning and improving the texture of facial skin. It stimulates blood circulation in the skin tissue and helps relax facial muscles to eliminate fine lines or small fine wrinkles. It's a great way to stimulate the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which helps maintain firm, smooth skin. Another benefit of facial massage is that it allows topical products applied to your skin to be absorbed more easily.

How to reduce the nasolabial fold with a facial massage?

The nasolabial fold usually forms due to the repetitive muscle contractions our face experiences when we laugh, talk, or smile. To reduce fine lines caused by this phenomenon, I suggest that you gently massage this area with circular pressure using your index finger or thumb. You can also try upward strokes to help visibly reduce fine lines. For best results, I recommend doing this type of massage daily or weekly for 5-10 minutes each time.

Products available to accompany your facial massage routine

To achieve optimal results, it is important to use cosmetic products designed specifically to combat the nasolabial fold and improve the appearance of your skin. For example, you can buy moisturizing anti-wrinkle creams rich in essential nutrients to intensely nourish your skin while minimizing its discoloration and roughness. You can also apply serums that help boost your body's natural production of hyaluronic acid to help fill in fine lines around your mouth or nose for an instant lifting effect!

Nasolabial folds are a common cosmetic problem in middle-aged adults; Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce or completely fade those unsightly wrinkles around your nose and mouth so you can regain your original fresh, youthful complexion. While no treatment is perfect for everyone, talking with your doctor about your options can help you find the one that will provide the best possible results for your particular situation. With a good treatment plan tailored to your individual needs, you can say goodbye to nasoginal folds!